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Tip #20 – Remote Control

The pandemic has challenged our society and structures by pushing medicine, the economy, and psychological tolerance to their limits…but behind the scenes (or behind our screens 🖥), quarantine conditions also threatened cybersecurity. Such quick paradigm shifts accompanied by fear, confusion, … Read More

Tip #19 – Gone Phishing

Of the countless threats to data security, one the most widespread and successful is also one of the simplest: phishing. Phishing is a fraud that exploits human frailty rather than technological weak points and accordingly has thrived in the era … Read More

Tip #18 – Always be Prepared

“A byte of prevention is worth a gig of cure”…is what Ben Franklin might say if he were still alive and publishing today (think Bezos, with slightly more hair).  OK, the imagery is odd, but the adage remains sound – … Read More

ABA Opinion 498: Virtual Practice Reality

COVID has redefined the way law is practiced but hasn’t alleviated any ethical responsibilities…only complicated them. The ABA recently reaffirmed this notion in a Formal Opinion outlining Model Rules for the virtual practice of law (#498) issued March 10, 2021. … Read More

Tip #17: Last Line of Defense

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Michael Gerard Tyson Iron Mike is rarely credited as a deep thinker and is certainly no IT expert, but his message should hit hard with anyone who believes … Read More

Tip #16: Tales From the Encrypt

We’re not entirely done optimizing your protection – here is another crucial (but easy and FREE!) step towards avoiding catastrophic computer consequences. You’ve updated your passwords, activated 2FA, patched all your software, and are even using a VPN to log-on … Read More

Tip #15: Forrest for the Trees

Improved passwords and two-factor authentication have made you a safer visitor while blocking malware has helped secure your home turf, but how do you protect yourself in-between while browsing the wild wild west of the World Wide Web? (say that … Read More

Top 4 Cyber Myths – How Lawyers Can Separate Fact from Science-Fiction

As the CEO of GlobalMac IT, I’ve come across more than a few creative, nasty and wicked hack examples that our clients and prospective clients have shared. I can’t count how many times I’ve felt the pain of a managing … Read More

Tip #14: BeWare the Dreaded ‘Wares

Our last few tips have helped you secure your online accounts from catastrophic credential breaches, but what happens when the security battle suddenly makes its way to the home front? Malware, ransomware, adware, and a vast array of viruses are … Read More

Tip #13: 2FA or Not 2FA

We’ve established the importance of securing online access and the need to employ unique passwords. Still, password protection alone isn’t enough – you should enable another critical layer of verification with any restricted account. The bad news is that only … Read More



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